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Free Toddler Alphabet Activity

Free Toddler Alphabet Activity
Free Toddler Alphabet Activity
School is off to a good start this year. My two year old is adjusting to being at home without big sister and big brother to keep her entertained. Now that we are getting settled into our new schedule, I have found that Miss C likes to be busy and enjoys learning about everything around her. There are so many things she is noticing and wanting to know more about. One concept she has been interested in are the ABC’s.
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She sings the ABC song, we sing it; a lot! She will point out letters when we are driving, in the store, in the alphabet books we read, the letters on our clothes and even on our shower curtain. It is so fun to watch her soak it all up! Since she has enjoyed learning about the letters I decided to show her a fun ABC matching game! I made this ABC caterpillar years ago when big sister was about the same age and I had more time on my hands.
Free Toddler Alphabet Activity
Free Toddler Alphabet Activity
  • So first we sat down and I showed her the caterpillar and the bottle tops to match the letters.
  • Then, I showed her a bottle cap with the letter and told her we had to find the matching letter. So I did 2-3 letters as she watched me.
  • Next I asked her to help me find a few of the matching letters. Once she had the concept she wanted to do it by herself. There were times when she matched incorrectly. I just picked up the cap and asked her to look again to make sure it was the right match and with a little searching she was able to find the correct letter.
  • Once she finished she cleared the page and started again.
  • The second time we talked about each letter and the sound it makes and 1 or 2 words that start with the letter.
  Repetition and hands on activities are a good way to learn and retain information. Lately when her siblings are doing their homework, Miss C will bring the ABC caterpillar out and get to work. This has become one of the fun ways to reinfore letter and sound recognition. It’s fun to watch her have fun and learn at the same time!
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Written by Naomi