Sorting Legos by Color

Learning with Legos


My two year old is really into building with Legos! Since Legos come in all different colors I thought it would be a great way to introduce sorting!

Sorting Legos by Color

  1. I picked up a pink lego and asked her what color it was. She said “pink”.
  2. I asked her if she could find any other pink legos on the ground and we started to create a group.
  3. Next, we did the same thing with blue. I asked her the color and we created a group.
  4. There were some colors she wasn’t sure about. I would tell her the color and she would repeat it and then she would group the color.
  5. Extend this activity by counting the number of blocks in each group.
She really enjoyed this activity and we will definitely do it again. Each time I will be able to step back and do less guiding and she will be able to do it more independently.
Sorting Legos
I love that we could incorporate learning with items found around the house. In the future we could sort colors with pom poms, ribbons, blocks, or multi colored pasta. Get creative and think of how you can create sorting fun with every day items in your home!
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Written by Naomi
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