1 Year Old Activities with Boxes

1 Year Old Activities with Boxes

All you need are boxes to keep your 1 year old entertained!

1 Year Old Activities with Boxes

My 1 year old loves to color, but when I give him paper he tends to get more color on the floors or table he is working on. I found a perfect solution to this problem. I take an old cardboard box and let him go to town on it. The raised surface keeps crayon marks off of the floor and he has a great time scribbling and adding stickers to his work of art. Sometimes I tape a coloring sheet to the box so he has something to color in.

1 Year Old Activities Cardboard Box Ramp

Turn a long and skinny box into a road and ramp for little cars.

1 Year Old Activities Drawing in a box

A big, square box is the perfect place to crawl into or through. You can even crawl inside to color. So much fun and no mess!

1 Year Old Activities Cardboard Box Snowman

Build a cardboard box snowman for your 1 year old to decorate with crayons and stickers. It will distract your little one from the Christmas tree!

DIY Cardboard ChristmasTree

Use boxes to cut out pieces to form a cardboard Christmas tree.

Such a fun craft that can be added to every day.

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