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Adding with Legos

Adding with Legos
Adding with Legos
My son is really hands on and has really been interested in addition lately. When we are working on new concepts or even reinforcing ones we have previously worked on I like to try to incorporate their interests. Well, my son loves to build so we tried adding with Legos.
Materials needed:
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Legos
  • Dice
  So I started by writing down the addition problem for him to fill in. Next, he rolled the dice twice to know what addends he needed to build his lego towers and then fill in the blanks. He really enjoyed being able to roll the dice and write down the numbers, build the towers and add them up and write down the answer. We did this as many times as we could until we filled the paper.Now that he has the concept he will pull out the materials and get started on his own!
Adding with Legos
BONUS: You can do this on car rides without the dice. You can call the two numbers out to the kids and let them do their work and call out the answers to you.
Written by Naomi

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Sandra Azar

Saturday 21st of November 2015

good strategy. my kid is now only one and half year old and i bought legos for him. he is interested to play with it but can't play independently. he needs my help. i think this strategy will help me to teach him adding when he will start to count.