Christmas Tree Art for Kids

Christmas Tree Art for Kids


Children of any age will enjoy creating this Christmas Tree Art.

What a great gift that kids can make for someone they love!


  1. First, purchase any size/type of canvas from the craft store. It really doesn’t matter what size you use.
  2. Using painter’s tape, cut angled strips of tape that form an abstract Christmas tree shape and place the tape directly on the canvas. I did not use a piece of tape for the trunk of the tree, but you could easily add that.
  3. Then, paint the entire canvas (including over the tape) in green paint. You can even let the kids blend white and green paint to make different shades as they are covering the canvas.

Christmas Tree Art for Kids

4. After the paint is completely dry, let the kids peel off the pieces of tape. This will reveal the Christmas tree shape. Then it’s time to decorate the tree!

5. Using paint and Q-tips, let them add “ornaments” and decorations to the white areas of the canvas.

6. Add an angel or a star on top to complete the art piece. We added some glitter stars to the top of the tree as well.

Christmas Tree Art for Kids

This makes a great gift for grandparents, or just to have as a holiday decoration at home. Be sure to have the artist sign their name and write the date on the back.

Written by Anne

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