Cooking with Kids – Cheesy Rice Balls

Cooking with Kids Cheesy Rice Balls


I started making my son cheesy rice balls because every time we ate rice he looked like he walked through a rice explosion! It didn’t look like he got much, if any, rice in his mouth. I thought the cheese would hold the rice together enough for him to eat it– not wear it. He loves eating these cheese balls and has a blast making them too.

To make them, spread rice on a plate, sprinkle shredded cheese on top and microwave for about 20-25 seconds. If I am using hot rice I just stir cheese into the hot rice and this works without the microwave.

 Cooking with Kids Cheese Rice Balls

Cooking with Kids 

When stirring, it forms almost a dough consistency and it is easy to roll into little balls.

Then I hand them over to my one year old who will pop a few in his mouth and mush a few with his hands. It’s a great sensory experience– the warm rice “dough”.
Cooking with Kids Cheesy Rice Balls
A fun variation would be to flatten the cheesy rice on a plate and cut shapes with a cookie cutter! I imagine a picky preschooler would love to eat some rice shapes they’ve cut out themselves!

Cooking with Kids Cheesy Rice Balls
For a nutritional boost and a little color try brown or red rice, or mix in some quinoa or wild rice!

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Written by Adrianne

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