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Kid Made Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Kid Made Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Kid Made Thanksgiving Centerpieces

This kid made Thanksgiving centerpiece is simple and so fun to make together!

It is an eye catching and meaningful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Take a peek at how much fun we had making this together.

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  • contact paper
  • leaves (artificial or real)
  • glitter (optional)
  • paper
  • Fall shapes


  1. Unroll and cut a piece of contact paper the length of your table.
  2. Peel the backing off of the paper and place it sticky side up on your table.
  3. Stick leaves, Fall shapes, glitter, etc. on the paper to cover it.
  4. Seal the table runner by placing contact paper over it (sticky side to sticky side).

Teaching Kids Thankfulness


  • Write things you are thankful for on the Fall shapes or decorative paper. I plan to cut these out after Thanksgiving and save them as a keepsake.
  • When sticking the contact paper on to seal it, use smaller pieces instead of one long one. It will be easier to manage and line up well. You won’t be able to see the seams.
  • You can also use colored masking tape or duct tape to fold around the edges for an extra detail and more secure seal.

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