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Shopkins Valentines Day for Kids

Shopkins Valentines Day for Kids

Shopkins are so popular right now. My kids spend time collecting, playing, and trading Shopkins. A Shopkins Themed Valentine’s Day with a Shopkins Valentines Box for school and printable Valentines for classmates has my kids very excited!

Shopkins Valentine Boxes

Shopkins Valentines Day


This Shopkins pinata (from Up Up and Away) can easily be turned into a Valentine’s Day box using oatmeal containers and decorative paper with a hole at the top for cards.


shopkins valentines day


This Shopkins Box (source unknown) can be made from a cereal box, toilet paper tube, and decorative paper.


shopkins valentines day


A Shopkins Poppy Corn Box (source unknown) is a fun way to collect valentines. Use a cereal box and decorative paper with a slot at the top for cards.


shopkins valentines day


This creative Shopkins Valentines Box (source unknown) looks a little tricky, but can be made from a large box covered in white paper and sticky craft foam as well as a large milk container.


Shopkins Valentines Day


Source Unknown

Create a Shopkins Box with your own wrapping paper, accessories, stickers, and clip art.


Printable Valentine Cards

These free printable Shopkins Valentine’s Day cards will be a huge hit with any Shopkins fan!

Items you can attach to each printable card for your classmates:

  • a candy treat
  • glow sticks
  • bouncy balls

Shopkins Valentines Day

Sippy Cup Mom is offering these FREE, printable Shopkins Valentines Day Cards. So fun and perfect for classroom valentines!


shopkins valentines day


Free, printable Shopkins Valentines Day Cards from Hale Grafx.


shopkins valentines day


Super cool Shopkins Valentines Day Cards (free printable) from The Suburban Mom.


It doesn’t matter which Shopkins season is the latest one that your child is collecting, these free printable Valentine’s Day cards will be a hit!

More Free Valentine PrintablesFree, printable pet valentines for kids

Free Printable Pet Valentines for your animal lovers!


Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Try this FREE printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt. We made the clues to fit with almost any house and it is so fun to hunt for your Valentine’s Day treats!



Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Compliments! This is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions. I write something I love about each child and tape it to their bedroom door. Each morning they wake up and know how special and loved they are. Plus it reaffirms their unique qualities and talents!



Thursday 14th of April 2016

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