Beanie Boo Graphing

My girls are HUGE Beanie Boo fans, and once you collect enough, it’s really fun to create simple learning games using them. Try Beanie Boo Graphing with this birthday graph and your beanie boos!


First, write each month or abbreviation on a post it note and have your child start sorting each Beanie Boo into piles, based on their birthday – which can be found inside the Ty paper tag. If your Beanie Boo is missing a tag, you can easily do a search online and find a master list of Beanie Boo birthdays.

Once you have sorted all the Beanie Boo’s, it’s fun to talk about the results, and observe what you see.

  • Are there any months that do not have birthdays represented?
  • Which month has the most birthdays? Fewest birthdays?
  • Do any Beanie Boo’s have the same birthday as someone you know?


Graph your Beanie Boos’ Birthdays with this Birthday Graph (download and print for free).

Other Ideas:

  • Sort by color or size
  • Put them in alphabetical order by name
  • Write a story about 2 of your favorite Beanie Boos
  • Write a letter to 1 Beanie Boo from another

Written by Anne

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