Pumpkin Seed Counting

Getting ready to carve your pumpkin? Before you do, get ready for some pumpkin seed counting!

Grab a pumpkin, large or small and before carving, make some estimations about its size.

  • How many inches wide is it?
  • How many inches tall is it?
  • How long is the stem?
  • How many seeds do you think are inside?


Remove all the seeds from inside the pumpkin, and using small paper cups, start counting the seeds in groups of ten. Count 10 seeds into each cup – this makes it much easier to reach a total count, and also helps practice counting by 10’s.


We estimated 134 seeds, and were surprised to find 456 seeds inside our pumpkin!!! (not all cups were pictured in this photo). It’s fun to experiment with all sizes of pumpkins. Sometimes the small ones end up with more seeds than the larger pumpkins! We love doing this activity every year! The best part, is after it’s done, your pumpkin is all cleaned out and ready to carve!

Written by Anne

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