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Favorite Christmas Tradition

Favorite Christmas Tradition

Yesterday, I shared the Christmas Tradition I wished I NEVER had started.

Today I want to share a Christmas tradition my friend Jill shared with me many years ago.  7 years later, I am SO happy that I am still carrying on this tradition. The handprint tree skirt is my favorite Christmas tradition!


The kids love to trace their hands and I love to get it out every year and reflect on the memories.


  • felt tree skirt
  • sharpie marker

Our inexpensive, felt tree skirt is full of handprints (traced with sharpie) that we have added year after year. It is so fun to look back on the previous year and see how much they’ve grown or to compare your hand to your siblings at the same age.

This tree skirt is a keepsake that we will cherish for years and I love that the kids are excited to get it out just as much as I am!

This is my FAVORITE Christmas tradition!


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

Love that idea!