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Tin Foil Craft

Tin Foil Craft

Today, I needed a quick craft to distract my kids and keep them busy while we waited to leave the house. I got an idea about a simple, tin foil craft to decorate the table for Christmas dinner.


N got to work making name cards for the table and then made different Christmasy shapes out of tin foil (present, tree, santa hat, ornament, etc.).

I think her plan is to set the tin foil shape next to the name card, but you can also punch a hole in them and use string to turn them into ornaments.

Tin Foil Craft

She used sharpies to add color to the tin foil craft. Sharpies on tin foil look amazing and are fun to color with.

This simple, tin foil craft was just the distraction we needed and helped pass the time.