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Homeschool Field Trip Form

Homeschool Field Trip Form

Homeschool Field Trip Form

After moving back to Southern California, we purchased Disneyland annual passes. When I homeschooled the girls last year, we made the most of our time, and our passes, and spent a few “field trip days” at Disneyland. Use whatever venue you like to visit in your city as your inspiration to create your own scavenger hunt! It can be a big park like Disneyland, your local children’s museum, the zoo, or even the grocery store! Then create a homeschool field trip form (scavenger hunt) to extend your learning.

I create these scavenger hunts all the time, using skills that are relevant to what we have been studying, or will be studying in math, language arts or even science! Although mine is Disneyland specific, use it as a guide to create your own. The kids LOVE these, and it makes waiting in lines a bit more fun, or even makes a regular grocery trip more of an adventure!

Question Examples:

  • In the Frozen show in CA Adventures name 4 characters you see during the show? Number them 1-4 to put them in ABC order.
  • How many counters are there in the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shop available to pickup your orders? Now add that number to the following: +2, +3, +4
  • What was the best part of your day?
  • How much does a churro cost? A cakepop? Which is more? How much more?

Download Our Scavenger Hunts for Inspiration:

Homeschool Field Trip Form Example 1

Homeschool Field Trip Form Example 2

Homeschool Field Trip Form Example 3