Nature Hunt

My oldest is 3 years old and loves anything that involves hiding and seeking. Therefore scavenger hunts are a big hit in our house. He’s outdoorsy and likes to move so yesterday we went on a Nature Hunt.

Going on a Nature Hunt

I made our list with pictures so he could “read” (see) what he was hunting for. If you’re child doesn’t seem totally on board with the nature hunt, allow them to brainstorm and make the list with you. Once we read our list we got a bucket and headed outdoors to collect our treasures.

Nature Hunt

We walked all over our neighborhood collecting multiples of what was on the list. We checked it and read it over and over to make sure we had everything.

Nature Hunt

Then we came home and laid everything out. He picked his favorites in each category so we could glue them on our page.

Nature Hunt

I used a hot glue gun so they would stay. We do hunts like this a lot so he’s used to using hot glue with my supervision but this might be a parent job in your house.

Then when it’s all finished we read everything one more time and talked about our Hunt. I embedded questions in our discussion to get him thinking and talking more.

Things like:

  • What was the hardest/easiest thing to find? Why do you think that was?
  • Which one on the picture is your favorite?
  • Did we see things that weren’t on our list?
  • What colors did we see on our walk? Etc.

Nature Hunt

He was very proud of his work and couldn’t wait to do another “scabenger hunt” soon.

Written by Kelly

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