Pet Rock Craft for Kids

This Pet Rock Craft is another fun outdoor activity that keeps on giving even after you’ve finished. It sparked my son’s creativity big time!

Pet Rock Craft
First you’ve got to collect your rocks.

Pet Rock Craft

Next, we painted them and one day I’ll remember to change his clothes first.

Pet Rock Craft

You need to let the rock dry but considering its 103 over here that took about 2.5 seconds.

Pet Rock Craft

When you decorate you can use anything you have. I had google eyes, feathers, and pompoms. But you can use pipe cleaners, tissue paper, ribbons, jewels, etc.

You will need a hot glue gun to make sure everything sticks on the rock. My son can use a hot glue gun like a pro but you may need to help out a little here.

Pet Rock Craft

Decorate them anyway you want and watch their little imaginations take flight.

Pet Rock Craft

Afterwards all these little guys got names and were the highlight of the day. A few rock buddies even found their way to our kitchen table for dinner.

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