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Where to Buy Cheap Lego Sets

Where to Buy Cheap Lego Sets

Have you ever wondered where to buy cheap Lego sets? Here is a tip that will change your little one’s Lego world!

how to buy lego sets at goodwill prices

We LOVE Legos in our house, especially Lego Friends sets. , they can be a bit pricey, so we have found a great way for my girls to purchase them from Goodwill’s online website, and they get to help with the sorting process as well!


Just type “Lego Friends” in the search bar and you will be surprised how many kits will show up (similar to ebay, but Goodwill pricing!). The sets arrive unsorted, and sometimes without complete instructions. You can always download the instructions on, as well as order any missing pieces. All you need is the set number. I was surprised how affordable the missing pieces are – they range from about $0.05 – $0.85.

Where to buy cheap Lego sets

As a sorting exercise, I have my girls use the instruction book to sort the Lego’s into bags (Bag 1, Bag 2, etc.) as if it were a new set. It takes some time, but makes it so much easier to build according to the instructions. This is a great way to get deals on discontinued sets that are no longer available to purchase as well!


Isn’t this awesome?! I love this creative way to save money, have your child involved in the preparation phase of building, and to get to enjoy “new” Lego sets!

Written by Anne