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Make Your Own Guinea Pig Bonding Pouch

Make Your Own Guinea Pig Bonding Pouch

We have a new pet guinea pig and loved the idea of making a bonding pouch for him. It is easy to make your own guinea pig bonding pouch which makes holding and carrying your guinea pig easier for you and cozier for him.

You do not need a sewing machine to make these bonding bags. You just need scissors and knot tying skills for this guinea pig fleece carrier. This snuggle sack (like a little sleeping bag) is a great way to hold many small pets.

The main thing I like about these snuggle pouches is that you can hold your pet friend for a long time and not only is it comfortable, but if your pet goes to the bathroom inside of it you can put it in the wash machine.

make your own guinea pig bonding pouch

You will need a piece of fleece (less than half of a yard). There are a lot of fleece choices, however, you can find end of bolt pieces on clearance at fabric stores. That always saves money. 

make your own guinea pig bonding pouch

Fold your piece of fleece in half and cut out a rectangle. Estimate the size that will fit your guinea pig and add an extra 3 inches on each side. It is better to make it a little bigger than you think you will need.


Cut 3 inch slits (about an inch apart) onto the sides of the rectangle (cut through both sides of the fleece at the same time). Only cut the slits on each side, NOT the top or the bottom fold.

On each side, tie each of the overlapping pieces together in a double knot.


Once your sides are tied, your guinea pig bonding pouch is finished. It is the perfect snuggle pouch to feed or hold your guinea pig (or other small animals) in. You can also take this project one step further and add an adjustable strap. This is a great idea if you are going to be walking around. You can still hold the small critters with one hand and still have a hand free. 

To add the strap, we cut two long pieces of fleece and twisted them together, tying knots on each end. Then, we cut slits into each side of the pouch and tied the straps onto the pouch. You can add the straps in whatever way is easiest for you. Tying them instead of sewing them was easiest for us, but make sure your straps are secure.

The guinea pig bonding pouch is the perfect way to help your pet feel safe and secure. 

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Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Made this for my future guinea pig so we can snuggle! Thank you!


Thursday 13th of January 2022

Yay!I'm so glad the tutorial helped you.

Danielle Riley

Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

I made 2 of these tonight to give to my 7 year old for his Guinea pigs. They turned out great and were so easy! I can't wait to give them to him for Christmas! Thank you!


Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Yay! I hope your guinea pigs love it as much as ours did!