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Ideas for Storybook Pumpkins for Kids

Ideas for Storybook Pumpkins for Kids

Want a no carve pumpkin decorating idea or does your school have a contest for Storybook Pumpkins? Here’s a collection of amazing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

What is a Storybook Pumpkin Contest?

This time of year, school libraries in the elementary school and middle school of our distract have a storybook pumpkin patch full of creative pumpkins based on a child’s favorite book or favorite character. It is a contest full of storybook characters and awards are given out for scariest, most creative, etc. We decided to put all of these creative ideas in one place to get you started. If your school doesn’t have a contest already in place, maybe it’s time to start one in your community!

What materials do you need?

Carved pumpkins won’t last long so acrylic paint, permanent markers, craft foam, and paper are a great way to decorate your story book pumpkin character! You can use real pumpkins or foam pumpkins from the craft store for these great ideas. 


Storybook Pumpkin Ideas

Storybook Pumpkin Ideas

Clifford Pumpkin from Teaming Up to Teach

This pumpkin idea can go with any of the many Clifford books. all you need is red paint, black marker, googly eyes, felt or paper, and a pom pom

Zero the Hero uploaded by a user on Pinterest

Zero the Hero is a popular book and character in many kindergarten classrooms. For this pumpkin, they used paint, marker, pipe cleaners, paper, and fabric.

Where the Wild Things Are from Quilting Book Lady

Look a those sharp teeth! Felt, craft foam, paint, and furry fabric found at the craft store are used in the making of these Wild Things pumpkins. 


Storybook Pumpkin Ideas

Captain Underpants from Caveats of a Cluttered Mind

Two pumpkins, paint, fabric, and underwear were used here. It looks like someone sewed and stuffed the legs, arms, and ears. However, you could create those from cardboard, paper, or play dough. 

Skippy Jon Jones and other cat pumpkins from Teaming Up to Teach

Paint and felt were used in this amazing pumpkin. Don’t stress about the face being too artistic. Use basic shapes to paint yours. 

Charlotte’s Web from Quilting Book Lady

A simple design of two pumpkins, white paint, and large pipe cleaners make this beautiful spider from Charlotte’s Web. 


More Awesome Ideas

Storybook Pumpkins

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus or Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late from Quilting Book Lady

Paint, cardboard tubes, and craft foam can be used to turn two pumpkins into this famous and loved pigeon! 

Charlotte’s Web from Green Acres Hobby Farm

What a cool idea to create Charlotte and Wilbur in a wooden crate. The famous web made from paper is a cool detail to add. 

Pete the Cat from Green Acres Hobby Farm

Pete the Cat is a popular series of books and you can create this storybook pumpkin with paint, paper or craft foam, and pipe cleaners. Simple ideas like this are my favorite because it is easy to create. 


Storybook Pumpkins

Chicken Little from Teaming Up to Teach

So adorable! This is an advanced pumpkin design!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid from Quilting Book Lady

Simple design from a super popular book series. Paint, paper, and pipe cleaners are all you need. Save time and buy a white pumpkin. The trifold board with details from the story behind the pumpkin is a cool detail. 

Fly Guy from Green Acres Hobby Farm

What a fun way to make the main character! Paint, styrofoam balls, pom poms, and pipe cleaners make this beloved character from the Fly Guy series. 


More Clever Ideas

Storybook Pumpkins

Grouchy Ladybug from Green Acres Hobby Farm

I love this pumpkin character and also how simple it is to create. Paint, googly eyes, pom poms, and pipe cleaners are all you need. 

Cinderella from She Had Heaven

A large pumpkin and four little pumpkins make this adorable carriage. Paint the details on or print them onto card stock and glue them on. 

Bad Case of the Stripes from M and M World

Paint and a wig make this colorful pumpkin character who loves lima beans. 

Storybook Pumpkins

Curious George uploaded by user on Pinterest

The yellow craft foam hat is just adorable on the Curious George pumpkin! What a fun project to highlight this special character!

Very Hungry Caterpillar from Green Acres Hobby Farm

Painting and combining a set of miniature pumpkins to make this Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is on a sturdy cardboard leaf to make it easier to carry and transport. This could be a family project because there are so many pumpkins to paint. 

Fancy Nancy uploaded by user on Pinterest

I just want to touch that hair made out of pipe cleaners. That is the best part! Dollar store glasses, googly eyes, and paint make this Fancy Nancy ready for the storybook pumpkin contest!


Does your school library have a storybook pumpkin contest?  What is your favorite storybook character? 

Whether you want to make a simple quick project to go along with your favorite book or to spend more time adding intricate details, we hope these storybook pumpkins inspire you to get started creating your own book character pumpkins!