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Children’s Thanksgiving Activities

Children’s Thanksgiving Activities

These are our 5 favorite Children’s Thanksgiving Activities. Our kids loved them and yours will too!

Make a Kid Made Thanksgiving Centerpiece that can be kept as a keepsake. I love that it reminds us what everyone is thankful for.

This free, printable Turkey Game can be played in so many different ways. You can use letters, colors, shapes, blocks for counting, or even sight words.

This Beaded Turkey Craft is irresistible for little hands. It combines fine motor skills, creativity, and matching or counting.

This Leaf Counting Game is so fun for little ones. Toss the leaves up and collect them in order or find the leaves and identify the number. There are so many ways this can be played and each way will bring a smile to your child’s face.

Print this free, Thanksgiving Sorting Printable for a sorting activity or print 2 copies and use them for matching or Memory. So fun!