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Delicious Dreidel Brownies

Delicious Dreidel Brownies

Hanukkah is almost over but there’s still time to make delicious Dreidel Brownies that your kids will love!

Delicious Dreidel Brownies

2 boxes brownie mix
Pretzel sticks (snapped in half)
Blue frosting (or make your own blue with food coloring)
White icing piping pen (You can find these on the same aisle as the frosting.)
Dreidel cookie cutter

1. Bake your brownies according to the box (or grandma Sue) and let cool completely.

2. Once cooled use the cookie cutter to make your dreidels. Or you could easily free hand this part and cut them yourself.

3. Use a pretzel for the handle.

4. Finish with blue icing and the Hebrew letters you find on a dreidel.

These made a perfect dessert bite at our Hanukkah party. Enjoy!