Learning with Magnetic Letters

Activity Ideas for Learning with Letter Magnets
There are so many ways you can have fun learning with magnetic letters.
From sorting and matching to spelling and reading, here are several of our favorite ideas.
Make sure to scroll all the way down to see which ones are our favorites (durable and strong).
Take your magnetic letters to the laundry room.

Spell Your Name

Spell Sight Words

Read/write messages to your family members.

Sort the Letters

Sort by Color

Sort by Letter

Sort by Letters with Lines/Curves

Sort by Letters in Your Name/Not in Your Name

Make Your Own Spelling Mats by tracing the magnets.
Alphabet Find and Match with Magnetic Letters
Use the magnetic letters in a sensory tub full of rice or beans for an Alphabet Find and Match Challenge.
Use your magnetic letters and a kleenex box to play these free, printable games.
You will love to use them to play this Mystery Letters Game!
Use them to make a quick and easy DIY Letter Puzzle or a Name Puzzle
Add movement to your day with this Beware of Crocodiles Game that your little ones will LOVE!
Take them on the go with a cookie sheet or muffin tin.
Fishing for Letters from Growing Book by Book
Make a “fishing pole” with a dowel, string, and paper clip. “Fish” for the letters from behind the couch or in a container. Name the letter or letter sound that you “catch”.
Our favorites are the Giant Magnetic Letters (They come in lowercase and uppercase sets.) at Lakeshore Learning for $12.99. I recommend these over dollar bin magnetic letters- the magnets are much stronger!
Written by Anne
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