American Flag Printable Skip Counting Puzzle

Free Printable Skip Counting Puzzle

Here’s a free, printable skip counting puzzle that will be a fun challenge for your child. Try it in July or any time of the year when you are talking about or learning about the United States. 

Free Printable Skip Counting Puzzle


This puzzle is a fun way to reinforce and practice the pattern of skip counting by 5s. For younger children that aren’t ready for skip counting yet, you can cut the numbers off and write the numbers 1-10 or draw dots 1-10.  

Free Printable Skip Counting Puzzle

Simply download, print, cut and solve the puzzle over and over again. Laminate your pieces for durability or add magnets to the back to use your puzzle on the fridge.  I love the sing songy rhythm of counting by 5s and so do children!

Puzzle Ideas:

  • Use it in a busy bag
  • Hide the pieces around the room and challenge your child to find them and then solve the puzzle.
  • Give all of the pieces except one to your child and ask your child to figure out which number is missing.

Free Printable Skip Counting Puzzle

Click HERE to download your free, printable skip counting puzzle.

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