Drawing Through the Alphabet for Kids – Letter A

My Drawing Through the Alphabet Series started because I knew it would be really valuable for children who like to draw and are learning their letters and letter sounds to have drawing tutorials where the object they were drawing starts with that letter and letter sound. 


Drawing Through the Alphabet Series for Kids


We love how to draw tutorials for kids. I was thinking about beginning writers and readers and how letters (and pictures) are made up of lines and curves. It would be awesome for beginning readers and writers if there were simple drawing tutorials that start with capital letters and draw things that start with that letter sound. That was how my Drawing through the Alphabet Series began.

Drawing through the Alphabet is a fun way for children to work on forming capital alphabet letters (those letters should be taught before its lowercase letter), use fine motor skills to draw lines and curves, and reinforce beginning letter sounds. It is a step-by-step drawing tutorial that starts with correct letter formation. Although the main thing this simple drawing lesson focuses on is letter formation, this great drawing tutorial series can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.



In a few simple steps, you will draw an angel.

  1. First, start by writing the uppercase letter A.
  2. Each step of the tutorial shows you a detail to add in red. If your child wants you to do it for them, have your child pick up the crayon and put your hand over theirs and draw it together instead of doing it for them.
  3. Depending on your child, you may need to guide them through the drawing tutorial step by step until they get the hang of it.
  4. It might be helpful to cover all of the steps on the page, except the one you are working on. You can use sticky notes or a piece of paper to cover them.



  1. Right click on the picture above and save as a jpg to your computer, then print the picture from your computer OR download it HERE.
  2. Open the jpg on your computer and print.

Other Ideas

  • After the angel is drawn, if there’s still interest, encourage your child to add details to the background of the picture.
  • Ask your child to dictate a story to you about the angel and write it down as they tell it.
  • You could even create a book of drawings and stories! Children love to see you write down their stories and ideas and read it back to them.

What if my child is upset that their drawing doesn’t look like the tutorial? 

If your child is upset with how their drawing turns out, here are some things you can say:

  • You’re an artist and every artist draws in a different way.
  • Yours is unique.
  • This just teaches you the steps to draw it. Everyone’s drawing looks different.


Give all of the Alphabet Drawing Tutorials a try. Each simple drawing lesson starts with the letters of the alphabet and uses simple shapes and step by step instructions.

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Drawing Through the Whole Alphabet

 B is for Bee

 C is for Caterpillar

 D is for Dog

 E is for Elephant

 F is for Flamingo

 G is for Giraffe

 H is for House

 I is for Iguana

 J is for Jellyfish

 K is for Kangaroo

 L is for Lion


P is for Pig

 Q is for Queen

 R is for Rabbit

 S is for Snail

 T is for Tiger

 U is for Unicorn

 V is for Vulture

 W is for Whale


Benefits of Drawing

Drawing benefits cognitive development and inspires creativity. It strengthens hand-eye coordination and attention span too. Directed drawing gives kids the chance to listen and follow directions. It strengthens visual discrimination and encourages attention to detail. When kids finish a directed drawing experience or a drawing tutorial they will feel proud and this increases self confidence.

Teaching children to draw is beneficial, but so is giving time for kids to draw however they want to express themselves.  

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