Our Favorite American Girl Doll DIY Ideas

These are our favorite American Girl Doll DIY Ideas from around the internet. They are inexpensive, simple to make, and so adorable. We know you will love this collection of ideas as much as we do! 

This new sew, fleece sleeping bag for your American Girl Doll (or even your favorite stuffed animal) from Craft Create Cook is really easy to make (cut and tie knots). Not only is it affordable, but it is adorable! 

I love free printables and Musings of an Average Mom has over 100 free printables for your American Girl Doll. From food and puzzles to games and school supplies, just print and play!

Rave and Review has a list of items that you can find at the dollar store that are perfect for your American Girl Doll. I love this idea! 

Turning toddler hangers into American Girl Doll hangers is such a clever idea from Gigi’s Doll and Craft Creations. 

You’ll need a place for those DIY hangers and these DIY American Girl Doll closets from DIY Living are perfect. They are easy to make using a wooden create and easy to customize with paint and accessories.

These DIY American Girl Doll Flip Flops are adorable and easy to make using just craft foam and duct tape from AG Doll Play

This DIY American Girl Doll Hammock from AG Doll Play is so adorable and easy to make using a placemat. 

These DIY American Girl Doll Cakes made from battery operated tea lights are SO cute. You can use washi tape, puff paint, etc. to decorate these unique cakes. 

These DIY scooters from Fun with AG Fan are too cool! These use simple materials and will look adorable with your American Girl Doll. 

These DIY pom pom milkshakes from Pink and Green Mama are the perfect size for your American Girl Doll. So adorable and so easy to make with cups, pom poms, paper, and glue. 

These DIY American Girl Doll life jackets are brilliant. AG Doll Play tells you how to make one from a foam gardening knee cushions. This is perfect for Summer because your doll should be able to go on a boat trip too!

Check out how we use our American Girl Doll Catalogs for American Girl Doll play



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