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Our Favorite Typing Program for Homeschoolers

Our Favorite Typing Program for Homeschoolers

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t take a typing course until High School. How times have changed! Technology is everywhere and efficient typing skills are essential for our children to learn. We use Typesy and it didn’t take long for us to realize that it is the best typing program for homeschoolers! 

Typesy is easy to use, effective, and fun! No matter what your child’s experience is with typing, Typesy will improve their speed and accuracy in a fun way. I feel confident that she is getting the keyboarding skills she needs to be successful. 

Homeschool Version Courses:

  • Beginner Course
  • Build Accuracy
  • Build Speed
  • Power Speed and Accuracy
  • Mega Speed and Accuracy
  • Fast Dictation Typing
  • Master the Keypad
  • Quick Revision
  • Bonus Lessons

What we love about Typesy:

  • I know my children will learn ALL of the essential typing skills with the comprehensive program that Typesy offers.
  • I can control every aspect of my child’s learning from assignment to assessment. 
  • Typesy is simple and quick to set up and get started.
  • Typesy is easy to monitor and results are easy to read.
  • Typesy offers variety so it never gets boring.
  • Typesy is affordable!
  • Typesy is FUN!

Natalie showed improvement right away which motivated her to keep going. Seeing her name on the Hall of Fame screen was awesome and she loves being able to work on the courses and play the fun games. Typesy is our favorite and is definitely the best typing program for homeschoolers

This post is sponsored by Typesy. The opinions I have shared here about our experience are my own.