Feed the Bunny Alphabet Game

This Feed the Bunny Alphabet Game is a free, printable and is a great way to practice so many different skills! 

How to Play: 

  1. Print the Bunny (below), cut it out, and attach it to a tissue box. 
  2. Print alphabet or number carrots (below) or you can use letter magnets, colored blocks, sight words on sticky notes, etc. 
  3. Your child feeds the bunny as they pick a carrot, identify the letter or number, and put it into the tissue box through the bunny’s mouth. 


  • How many can you feed the bunny in 30 seconds? 
  • Can you find the letter D and feed it to the bunny? Can you find the blue block and feed it to the bunny?
  • Feed the bunny different colors or sizes of pom poms using tweezers or tongs to transfer them. 


You can practice any of these skills using the Feed the Bunny Alphabet Game:

  • letters
  • numbers
  • colors (try different colored blocks, pom poms, or 
  • shapes (try different shaped buttons)
  • sight words or word families (pictured above)
  • fine motor skills (transfering pom poms to feed the bunny using tongs or tweezers)

This game is a big hit with the kids and I love how many variations there are and how many different skills it can teach! 

What You Need:

First, you need this FREE, Printable Feed the Bunny Alphabet GameDownload the Bunny 

Next, print these free Alphabet Carrots from School Time Snippets

Or, use these free Number Carrots from Nurture Store

More Games Like This

We love that this game is a hit all through the year with different types of themes, just using a tissue box and the free printables! Try these versions too:

The Pumpkin Game is similar for Halloween time. 

The Turkey Game is the same game, but for Thanksgiving time. 

The Snowman Game is another of our favorites with the same concept. 



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