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Pony Bead Activities for Kids

Pony Bead Activities for Kids

Pony Beads are one of our most popular items for crafts. They can be used in so many ways. Here’s a collection of our favorite pony bead activities for kids. 

Making necklaces and bracelets is so fun. My kids have spent hours on this. Stringing beads strengthens fine motor skills, especially the pincer grasp. If your child is younger, try having them string the beads onto pipe cleaners instead of yarn or string. 

SortingSorting beads by color or size before you start practices an important skill. 

Patterning – Make patterns with your beads.

  • Red, blue, red, blue
  • Green, white, orange, green, white, orange

Counting – Sneak in counting practice while stringing your beads.

  • 5 white, 5 red, 5 green
  • 10 red, 9 orange, 8 yellow, 7 green, 6 blue, 5 purple, 4 pink, 3 black, 2 white, 1 grey 
  • How many pink did you use? 

Alphabet – Identify letters, letter sounds, or spell your name or the names of your friends with Personalized Friendship Bracelets

Super Hero Bracelets

Superheroes and Princesses – Be inspired by your favorite superheroes or princesses with these inspiring patters from The Activity Mom

When it seems like the novelty of making necklaces and beads has worn off, try these crafts that are made from the same skill of stringing beads. 

Make a rainbow sun catcher from Rhythms of Play

Create a beaded crown from Where Imagination Grows.

Make beaded snakes from Kids Activities Blog

You can also make a heart by stringing beads onto a pipe cleaner like at Metro Parent

Create beaded starts using pipe cleaners and beads like they did at Nuestro Mundo

Combine all of your strings of beads to make a gorgeous wind chime from Fun Family Crafts

Pushing beads into play dough is also a great way to strengthen fine motor skills. Whether you are sorting by color like they did at School Time Snippets or using any colors to create a mosaic piece of art, this activity will be loved by kids of all ages. 

Add a twist by having your child thread pony beads onto different materials. 

Thread pony beads onto feathers like at OT Toolbox. I love the idea of adding that texture. 

Thread pony beads onto branches or twigs like they did at Laughing Kids Learn

Change the direction that you are threading so that the wrist rotates to complete the skill by putting pipe cleaners or toothpicks into dough and threading the beads onto those like The Activity Mom did with this beaded turkey craft

You can melt pony beads into a variety of shapes using metal muffin tins or metal cookie cutters like they did at Growing Healthy Kids. We have done this before with metal cookie cutters, on a foil lined baking sheet, in a toaster oven OUTSIDE. It works! And it is a cool experience and final product. Arranging the beads in the shape provides the opportunity to practice concentration and pincer grasp. 

Artful Parent puts their spin on melted pony beads with this melted pony bead free form art. So cool!

This collection of Pony Bead Activities for Kids has me inspired! Get out your supply of beads and get creative while strengthening fine motor skills at the same time.