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One of the perks of homeschooling is the flexibility. If someone gets sick, it is ok! You decide to get together with friends instead of your afternoon work, that’s great! Go out of town for a family vacation, that’s awesome! This Homeschool App will help you!

Being flexible and enjoying life is one of the many reasons that families decide to homeschool their children. Flexible Homeschool App helps you to plan and track your family’s homeschool in a flexible way that works! 

Flexible Homeschool App

You can easily plan, track, and manage your family’s homeschool needs with the Flexible Homeschool App. I love how easy it is to see where each child is with their work.  You can even suggest what your child should work on next and it becomes highlighted in orange.

There is the option to include a due date or a completion time, but it is not mandatory to include those details. Flexible Homeschool App allows you to include as little or as much detail as you need to for yourself and for your child. 

Flexible Homeschool App

Not only is it useful for parents, but it is a valuable tool for children to check off their completed work, see what is left, and manage their time accordingly.

Another unique feature is the ability to include resources for each assignment. Whether you need to list certain books that will be needed or link to a website that your child should use, you can include those resources for each child. 

Flexible Homeschool App

Now you can try the Flexible Homeschool App for free! I recommend watching the short tutorials before you get started. It is worth the time and you will have a better understanding of all that you can do with this valuable tool.

Now you can try Flexible Homeschool App for FREE for 2 months with the code: activitymom


Flexible Homeschool App


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