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Free Printable Sorting Activities for Kids

Free Printable Sorting Activities for Kids

Children of all ages benefit from sorting. Whether young children are sorting two items into piles or an older child is sorting vocabulary by different characteristics, sorting is stimulating the brain. It is a great activity to develop an important skill. 

Comparing, contrasting, and grouping while children are sorting positively impacts logical thinking skills and mathematical concepts. Here’s a huge collection of our favorite sorting activities. Just download, print, and sort. 

Free Printable Color Sorting Activities

Color Sorting Activities

You can encourage your busy toddler to sort anything by color. Things you have on hand at home are perfect such as:

  • blocks
  • pom poms
  • toys (cars, stuffed animals, play food)
  • clothes 
  • stickers
  • pipe cleaners
  • dot stickers
  • crayons

Sort the items onto matching colored construction paper or onto paper plates with the color in the middle of each one.

Another great idea is to sort beads by color into cupcake liners. This is a fun way to develop fine motor skills. 

For extra practice here are several free, printable color sorting activities:


Free Printable Shape Sorting Activities

Shape Sorting Activities

Sorting things by shape provides the extra challenge of identifying shapes and their characteristics. If you have a shape sorter at home, use it to talk about the different shapes and how they feel and look and the different attributes of each shape. Then use it as a sorting activity. 

Here is a collection of free, printable shape sorting activities: 


Free Printable Number Sorting Activities

Math Sorting Activities

Working with numbers that are represented in different ways is a challenge that is extremely beneficial for number sense and subitizing. These early math skills help develop a solid foundation. 

Here’s a great collection of free, printable number cards that you can use for sorting:

Free Printable Letter Sorting Activities

Letter Sorting Activities

While children are experimenting with letter identification and phonics concepts, sorting helps them find patterns and categorize information. Sort with magnetic letters when your child is sorting letters for the first time. 

Here are several free, printable sorting activities: 


Free Printable Reading Sorting Activities

Beginning Reading Sorting Activities

Sorting words by word families, parts of speech, or prefixes/suffixes helps to deepen vocabulary and improve reading and spelling fluency.


Free Printable Science Sorting Activities

Science Sorting Activities

Even in subjects like Science and Social Studies, sorting is a fundamental skill that helps the brain make connections and organize new information

We hope that you will find this great resource helpful for your early childhood classroom or at home with your children. With sorting being such a beneficial activity, use these resources and get started today!



Thursday 24th of August 2023

all the activities are very nice.


Thursday 13th of October 2022

Thank you so very much for all your neat ideas!


Saturday 15th of October 2022

Happy to share!