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FREE Printable Story Cubes

FREE Printable Story Cubes

You may remember from our Sticker Stories that my daughter loves telling and writing stories. Instead of buying story cubes from the store that I knew we would lose, I went on a hunt for free printable story cubes that we could download, print, and use right away. Here’s a collection that you will love. 

Free Printable Story Cubes

How to Use:

Roll the cubes and tell a story (younger children) or write a story (older children) including the pictures that are shown on the cubes. 


You can also tell a story together by taking turns each adding a few sentences to a story. This is one of our favorite things to do. If you have a reluctant writer, don’t worry about getting the story on paper. The creativity and vocabulary development comes from just thinking about and verbally sharing the story. 

Printable Story Cubes for Kids

Our FAVORITE free printable story cubes (pictured above) are from Tools for Educators. They have SO many categories to choose from and you can customize each side of the cube. Designing them was just as much fun for us as using them. Just select, print, construct, and let the creativity begin. 

Other Free, Printable Story Cubes:

Story Cubes Free Printable

The Cozy Red Cottage offers free story cubes that show setting and characters. They are sure to get your story started in a creative way. 

Story Cubes

Crafts with My Daughters has a bunch of black and white story cubes to print and color. 

Story Cubes

Communication 4 All has a beautiful set of story cubes for free to dowload (scroll down on the site). 

Make sure to check out our other Storytelling Ideas! I love how it can be so simple to inspire young writers and storytellers. 


Thursday 15th of August 2019

Great concept for kids. This encourages creativity.