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Chemistry at Home

Chemistry at Home

We have finally found it! A science kit that we love that allows both of my kids to experience chemistry at home, Mel Science!

Mel Science Materials

High quality materials for two experiments came organized and ready to use along with our starter pack. The starter pack included science equipment that will be needed for these two experiments and all future experiments, goggles, and a virtual reality headset.

The directions were easy to follow for my 9 year old and the explanations given about the results of the experiments were perfect for my 12 year old to make connections and build science vocabulary. In my opinion, parent involvement is necessary for children 15 years old and younger. 

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Chemistry at Home

My daughter loves science! However, I feel like we’ve done all of the science experiments for kids that I can find on my own so to have this subscription box arrive and include everything I need to get started was a huge relief to me. Both experiments were concepts that were new to us. 

Chemistry at Home – We were able to watch this reaction for a long time as it bubbled for about 3 minutes. 

What we love about the Mel Science Subscription Box:

  • Quality Materials
  • Organized Supplies
  • Easy to Follow Directions
  • New Science Experiments (That We Haven’t Already Tried)
  • In Depth Explanations and Science Vocabulary for Older Children
  • Virtual Reality Goggles paired with the Mel Science App
  • Being Able to Experiment with Chemistry at Home

Virtual Reality with Mel Science

To make Mel Science even cooler, the starter kit includes a virtual reality headset to go with their app. This was fascinating to us and allowed us to learn more and make connections with the experiments we had conducted. 

Ready for chemistry at home? Give Mel Science a try! You will love it as much as we do.