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Invisible Ink Recipe

Invisible Ink Recipe

I just love how simple this DIY Invisible Ink Recipe is and how you can try it today with materials you have on hand at home. Your kids can use this invisible ink recipe to write a note to a friend or to write a message to themselves that only they can read.  So fun!



This is one of the activities in my new book, Adventure Girls, from the chapter called “Cracking the Code”. 

What can you do with invisible ink? 

  • Send secret messages to family members or friends. 
  • Print the letters of your child’s name, each on a different piece of paper. Challenge your child to make the letters appear and then put them in order. 
  • Write the clues of your scavenger hunt with invisible ink. 
  • Make numbers on paper with invisible ink. Challenge your child to make the numbers appear and then put them in order. 
  • Write math equations and answers on paper with invisible ink (on separate pieces of paper). Make them appear and then match the equation to the answer. 
  • Make invitations to a party using invisible ink and instruct the recipient to use juice to uncover the details of the party. 

DIY Invisible Ink Recipe


Making the mixture and experimenting with the invisible ink is so much fun.

TIP: It is so hard to let the first mixture dry once you apply it to the paper. I even had a hard time with waiting, but for the best results, put the message aside until it is totally dry (before you use the juice to make the image appear). 



Invisible Ink Recipe for Kids


Monday 30th of November 2020

Thanks my child loved it.


Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

Yay! I'm so glad!