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Science at Home with Mel Kids

Science at Home with Mel Kids

We love exploring science at home. We have learned so much with our Mel Science Chemistry kits and now we have fallen in love with our Mel Kids Subscription, which is perfect for ages 5-10.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Mel Kids give us the chance to explore Science at home together. My daughter loves it!

Mel Kids is a Science Subscription for kids ages 5-10. Just one look at the kit and Natalie couldn’t wait to get started.

This first kit in the subscription is the Crystal Screen set. It comes with everything you need to get started, which means I’m not scrambling to find anything at home.

Science concepts are introduced in an engaging way through a story that is interesting and easy to understand for this age group (ages 5-10).

The story introduces you to the concepts that you are exploring in an age appropriate and super fun way!

She couldn’t wait to dive into this book. 

The directions are easy to read and simple to follow in the Mel Kids kits.

The directions are easy to read and simple to follow.

I love that she could do this part on her own and I enjoyed watching her. 

Making a polarizer and exploring light with Mel Kids Science kits.

While building the polarizer children are exploring light, learning what a polarizer is and how they are used in everyday life.

I learned some things along the way too! 

We love Mel Kids Science at home because it is engaging, age appropriate, affordable, and provides Science experiences in a fun and unique way.

Why we LOVE Mel Kids:

  • We can consistently explore Science at home, together
  • The directions are easy to read and simple to follow.
  • The book explaining the concepts is engaging and perfectly written for this age group (ages 5-10). 
  • The subscription is affordable and includes everything we need.
  • Exposing her to different Science concepts in a fun way is priceless and I love that she is eager to put her new knowledge to use and share it with others. 

Check out the details at Mel Kids and see if it is the right fit for you!