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2019 Activity Advent Countdown

2019 Activity Advent Countdown

Once again The Activity Moms bring you our annual, printable 2019 Activity Advent Countdown. This FREE countdown to Christmas includes ideas, directions, printables, and resources from around the web to make counting down to Christmas with your toddlers and preschoolers fun and educational!

The Activity Advent Countdown includes a list of materials organized by day. Tips for setting up and directions for everything you need to get started are below. Our goal is to keep it simple and exciting for you and your little ones. 

Christmas Activity Countdown

If there’s something in this year’s list of activities that isn’t a good fit for you or your child, you can replace it with any of the activities from the previous years (links at the bottom).

The links to the specific directions of each activity are below. Scroll down below that for organized printable lists of materials, printable Activity Advent Cards, how to set it up and more!

  1. Mitten Matching 
  2. Reindeer Find the Difference
  3. Candy Cane Painting
  4. Christmas Tree Counting 
  5. Christmas Rhyming
  6. Toilet Paper Tube Gingerbread Man
  7. Christmas Tree Letter Sound Sorting
  8. Christmas Tree Painting
  9. Felt Christmas Tree Decorating
  10. Christmas Tree Counting
  11. Craft Stick Ornaments
  12. Candy Cane Counting
  13. Paper Plate Christmas Tree
  14. Reindeer Alphabet Bingo
  15. Christmas Tree Ornament Matching (page 85 of the Christmas Preschool Pack)
  16. Unwrap the Letter (page 88 of the Christmas Preschool Pack)
  17. Christmas Memory
  18. Christmas Candy Science Experiment
  19. Christmas Pictures with Lego Duplos
  20. Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt (with our without the Elf)
  21. Snow Globe Ornament Keepsake 
  22. Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees
  23. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
  24. Make Reindeer Food
  25. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Countdown for Kids


  1. Print the 2019 Activity Advent Calendar Cards and Materials List. This includes the countdown cards, a list of the activities, and a materials list.
  2. Set up the 25 countdown cards to get your child excited about the Countdown to Christmas Activities


    • Put each card in a small box and wrap them. Let your child unwrap a box each morning and that is the activity of the day (regardless of the number)
    • Put the cards in a jar and have your child pick a random one out.
    • Attach them to a piece of garland with clothes pins and take one down each day in order.
    • Make a pocket chart with library pockets from the dollar store or by sewing felt into a grid and put the cards in the pockets in order. Pull one out each day.
    • Make a chart with the numbers 1-25 on it. Have your child pick and cross off a number each day. That number would be the activity of the day.
    • Hang the cards from the lower branches of your Christmas tree and let your child pick the activity for the day by picking one to take off of the tree.


    I print all of the activities and gather my materials ahead of time so that I can just grab what I need for that day. That way the work is done and I can enjoy the countdown with my kids!


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