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Earth’s Layers Book for Kids

Earth’s Layers Book for Kids

Not only is this Earth’s Layers Book for Kids FREE and printable, but it is a perfect introduction to the Earth’s layers and how the Earth’s movements effect us. 

Download and Print Your FREE Copy of Earth’s Layers and Movements for Kids Book (at the bottom of this post).

Earth's Layers FREE Printable Book for Kids

This page is one of my favorites because of the visual of a piece of the Earth missing and taking a peek inside at its different layers. This book is great to pair with a hands on project such as making a 3D model of the Earth out of play dough , a styrofoam ball with labeled layers. , or colored rice in a jar to represent the layers


Earth's Movements Printable Book for Kids FREE

This free, printable book helps kids start to think about the Earth in a different way, what it is made from and how its movements change land formations.

**You can also pair this part of the book with a hands on activity such as representing the Earth’s plates with books or blocks and moving them in the different ways that they move.  

Earth's Layers Free Printable Book for Kids

Download your FREE copy of Earth’s Layers and Movement Book for Kids HERE

  1. Download and Print 4 pages 
  2. Cut the pages into fourths 
  3. Staple into a book. 

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