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The Great Lakes for Kids Free Book

The Great Lakes for Kids Free Book

This FREE, printable book all about the Great Lakes for Kids is perfect as an introduction to The Great Lakes and why they are so important.

Download and Print Your FREE Copy of The Great Lakes for Kids Book (at the bottom of this post)

This year our family visited Lake Michigan. Usually we are near salt water so this adventure was beautiful and exciting, but also prompted a lot of questions about these massive lakes. That is why this book was created. 

Free Printable Great Lakes Book for Kids

Did you know that all of The Great Lakes are all connected? What a visual for children to see the map and imagine taking a boat from one side of Michigan to the other! This page of the book also lends itself to a discussion about fresh water ecosystems versus salt water ecosystems. 

Great Lakes Book for Kids

These pages of the book discuss how The Great Lakes are formed and offer an opportunity to label the lakes and learn the popular acronym HOMES to memorize them. 

Free Printable Book about The Great Lakes

Details about each of The Great Lakes are included in this free, printable book. Download the book below.

All About the Great Lakes for Kids

Download and Print the Great Lakes Book

  1. Print the pages (7 pages).
  2. Cut the pages in half. 
  3. Staple the pages to form a book. 

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Jenn Summers

Wednesday 30th of March 2022

This is such a great resource. My girls really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Great activity book for Canadians too! Thank you for this.


Friday 1st of April 2022

I'm so glad it was a hit!