We LOVE Bamboo Boxes for Kids

We are in love with the Bamboo Boxes for kids of all ages! These themed activities allow for problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. The BEST part is these challenges can be done INDEPENDENTLY and everything you need is right there!

Bamboo Boxes for Kids

The themed challenges and activities come right to your door organized and ready to explore!

The themes they have chosen are unique, well thought out, and are appealing to all children! It probably helps that this company was started by a small group of innovative High School Seniors and College Freshmen! Can you believe that? I still can’t get over it. I’m SO impressed!

Bamboo Boxes for Kids

Natalie was drawn to this activity right away, sifting for gold and treasures. 

Bamboo Boxes for Kids

Next, she tackled the challenge of building a structure that could protect the horses from different types of weather. There are guidelines for each challenge and hints to help you extend your thinking.

She spent quite awhile working on this and when she was done she called me over and all I did was ask her to tell me what the challenge was and explain what she created. Having your child explain their thinking and ideas is so beneficial in deepening their learning experience (and it’s so easy for parents to do). 

Bamboo Box for Kids

Another favorite was the “Wagons in the West” challenge. Natalie needed to make 2 or more wagons that could move and could provide protection from danger. She didn’t have enough materials for 8 different wheels so she had to improvise (loved the way that challenged her thinking). 

That’s only a few of the activities from this Bamboo Box! There are still hours of fun to have.

Bamboo Boxes for Kids

Why we LOVE Bamboo Boxes for Kids:

  • The activities are engaging!
  • Challenges promote critical thinking and problem solving.
  • A great way for kids to get creative and think outside the box.
  • Themes are new and exciting each month. 
  • Children can work independently.
  • Affordable
  • All of the materials you need are included (even tape)!



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