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Color Matching Bugs

Color Matching Bugs

This FREE color matching bugs printable makes a great sorting or matching activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Use all of the pieces to sort by color or just use two sets to work on matching. You can also use this set to play Memory. 


Bug Color Matching Printable


Here are some different ways you can use these Color Matching Bugs:

  • Match the bugs to the leaves
  • Butterflies to the matching leaves
  • Bugs to the matching flowers
  • Put the bugs on the matching leaves
  • Match the butterflies to the bugs
  • Print all of the sheets and sort by color. 
  • Play Memory by printing 2 of the same set
  • Use them in a Busy Bag 
  • Put them in your purse to use in the waiting room. 
  • “Feed the bugs” by matching food from your play kitchen to the same colored bug
  • Cut each piece down the middle to turn these pieces into puzzles
  • Line up the bugs and use the legs to practice counting by 2s

Download and Print the Bug Activity Pack

Color Matching Bugs

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