Ouchy Wrap for Kids

Hands Free Pain Relief for Kids

Childhood is full of risk taking as toddlers learn to run, jump, and climb and preschoolers add height and speed to the jumping and climbing. Older children start playing games and organized sports that often include balls or bats. It really doesn’t matter which age your child is, active kids often get hurt and as a parent there will be a day you will have to comfort a crying child. When that day comes, you will be happy to have the Ouchy Wrap for Kids!

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Hands Free Pain Relief for Kids

Here’s what we LOVE about the Ouchy Wrap for Kids:

  • It ties on so it can fit on any part of the body, at any angle. 
  • You can insert hot or cold packs into it, depending on your needs. 
  • The fabric is soft (not itchy) and soothing to comfort all children, especially those with sensory challenges
  • It can also be used during fevers and headaches!
  • The zippered pouch storage is easy to take with you. Keep one at home and one in your car to be prepared

Hands Free Pain Relief for Kids

Ouchy Wrap was developed by Amie Lapp Payne, Ph.D. who needed a product just like this as her twins were growing up.

From bumps and bruises to fevers, the Ouchy Wrap for Kids isn’t just a first aid treatment, it is a comforting and soothing experience to also help them overcome the emotional part of their injury. 

Hands Free Pain Relief for Kids

Because we know how much every Mom NEEDS to have one of these on hand,

you can get FREE SHIPPING on your Ouchy Wrap using the code: ACTIVITYMOM


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