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Rhyming Train Free Printable

Rhyming Train Free Printable

Do you have a train lover in your house? I mean trains all day all the time? This FREE, Rhyming Train Printable is for YOU! 

rhyming train free printable


How to use this Rhyming Train Printable: 

  1. Download, print, and cut apart each square. 
  2. Start with the Engine. Say the name of the picture that is on it. 
  3. Find a train car with a picture that rhymes with the picture on the engine. 
  4. Continue building different trains that rhyme. 

rhyming train

Other Ideas:

  • For beginning writers, have them build the rhyming train and then write the word for each picture. 
  • Sort the train cars by color. Then, match a letter (from a puzzle or magnets or sticky notes) to each picture that shows what sound each picture starts with. 
  • Use the train cards for counting practice (the pictures will just be what the train is carrying).”Make a train with 4 cars after the engine.” “Make a train with 6 cars after the engine.”
  • Cut the train cards in half (straight down the middle or at an angle) to turn them into puzzles. 


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