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Sight Word Bingo using Dolch Words (free printable)

Sight Word Bingo using Dolch Words (free printable)

This Sight Word Bingo (using Dolch sight words) is a great way to practice identifying sight words with small-group instruction, with a partner, or with the entire class.

Sight words are important to have memorized because they appear frequently in text and/or they cannot be sounded out. Once sight words have been memorized, children read more fluently and with better comprehension. One way to memorize sight words is through great games like this sight word bingo game. Games are fun and provide incentive to keep practicing. 



This game is FREE to download, print, and play. Small groups or partners are recommended because there are 5 different bingo cards in each set. The include high frequency words. 

A list of words for each set is included to print, cut out, and use to call out the words to the players OR the word cards could be put into a container and the players take a turn pulling out a word and reading it to the group. 

This Bingo Pack Includes

  • 4 Sets of Your Own Bingo Cards (5 cards in each set)
  • A Word List for Each Set (for calling out words) A list is provided instead of call cards.
  • Bingo Daubers to Cover Words (You can use other trinkets, blocks, pom poms, gold coins, or candy to cover words.)



Download and Print the Sight Word BINGO


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Games are such a fun way to practice reading common sight words (instead of flash cards). Need another sight word activity? Check out these other 4 easy ways to practice sight words