Easter Board Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our family LOVES playing games together! This simple Easter board game is perfect to play with your toddler and/or preschooler. All you need is the download (free, below) and a couple of game pieces such as blocks, erasers, or small toys.

Taking turns, deciding who will go first, and handling the feelings of winning and losing are all valuable skills that come with playing board games with your children. 

Easter Board Game

This Easter board game is played similar to Candy Land, so no counting or number identification is needed. This style of game is a perfect way to practice visual discrimination. Also, this game is a short game which is perfect for younger children. 

Easter Board Game

How to Play:

  1. Print the game (below). 
  2. Cut, fold, and tape together the die. 
  3. Use trinkets such as erasers, toys, blocks, etc. as game pieces. 
  4. Roll the die and advance to the next space that matches the Easter egg you rolled.
  5. Continue taking turns rolling and moving until one player reaches the end of the path. 

Easter Board Game


Download and Print Your Easter Game HERE

Easter Board Game

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