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Noah Color by Number Free Printable

Noah Color by Number Free Printable

I created this Noah Color by Number with Sunday School teachers in mind, but I know parents who will love printing this for their kids on a rainy day. 


You can use this free printable to compliment any lesson, conversation, or study of Noah and the Bible. 

One of my favorite things about when my child hands me a worksheet, craft, etc. after Sunday School is the opportunity to ask them about it and what they learned. I love the conversation this starts with our family. This also gives them the chance to continue to process what they have learned by telling me about it. I hope that this color by number page allows families to have a chance to explore that conversation.  




Download and Print the Noah Color by Number Noah Color By Number

Also, here’s a FREE, printable Jesus Color by Number for you to use!

We hope you enjoy this color by number printable. If you are interested in more products like this, we offer an 11 page People of the Bible Color by Number set. 


It can be purchased from Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers

It includes Color by Numbers of:

  • Jesus
  • Noah
  • Abraham
  • David
  • Cain and Abel
  • Gideon
  • Job
  • Martha
  • Mary and Joseph
  • Moses
  • Samson


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