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Dinosaur Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Dinosaur Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Use this free, printable Dinsoaur Sudoku Puzzles for Kids to stretch your child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Manipulate the dinosaurs to solve the puzzle. An answer key is included. 


Goal: Arrange the dinosaurs so that each column AND each row include only one of each dinosaur. 

Targeted Age: 5+

Tips: You many need to solve these puzzles along side your child until they get the hang of the goal of sudoku and how the puzzle is solved. Try thinking aloud with statements like, “Let’s look at this row. We have 3 dinosaurs and 1 is missing. What dinosaur is missing?” or “This spot can’t be the green dinosaur because there is already a green one in this row.” Let your child solve this puzzle as many times in a row as they want to get the hang of it. 


Free, Printable Color Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

If your child falls in love with the challenge of sudoku puzzles, then you will want to try these Color Sudoku Puzzles for Kids next! They are free to download and print and you can use blocks or legos to manipulate and solve the puzzles. 

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