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Ojo de Dios Craft for Kids

Ojo de Dios Craft for Kids

Isn’t this beautiful? An Ojo de Dios craft for kids is simple to do, calms the mind, and makes a great gift or decoration!



chopsticks (2) 

embroidery thread or yarn


With these step by step directions, you will be on your way to creating this awesome Ojo de Dios craft for kids!

Tip: Depending on your child’s age, it might be helpful to tape or glue the sticks together to get started. 

Tie the string in a knot, around the middle of the sticks. 

Wrap the string around the top chopstick (once) and then lead your string over to the next chopstick and wrap it around (moving clockwise to each of the chopsticks). 

As you wrap the string, it becomes a pattern: wrap, move clockwise, wrap, move clockwise, wrap move clockwise. 

When you’ve used all of the first string, tie another string (same color or different) onto the end and continue wrapping. 

Continue wrapping until you are happy with the size and color combination. 

To finish, tie the end of the string in a knot around the closest chopstick to secure it. 

Put a drop of glue onto the knot (optional).

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