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How to Draw Candy Corn

How to Draw Candy Corn

Check out this How to Draw Candy Corn printable! It is a simple drawing tutorial for kids and includes a line to write a sentence about candy corn. 

How to Draw Candy Corn for Kids

Although this drawing tutorial looks simple, it can be a challenge for young learners to identify what detail has been added and add that information to their drawing in the box. If your child gets frustrated, assure them that they are the artist of this candy corn and it doesn’t need to look exactly like the other picture.  

Other Ideas for Using Candy Corn to Make Learning Fun:

  • Put candy corn in a jar and have everyone estimate how many are in the jar. Count and share the treat.
  • Experiment to see if candy corn dissolves in water. Does it dissolve in other liquids?
  • Play this Candy Corn Counting Game (free printable). 
  • Make letters with candy corn and count with it too (below) from This Reading Mama

 How to Draw Candy Corn FREE Printable

They can write a simple sentence about candy corn or Halloween at the bottom. Another option is to cut that section of the paper off so that the lines are not a distraction from the task of drawing. 

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