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Life Cycle of a Spider Printables

Life Cycle of a Spider Printables

With spiders everywhere in Halloween decorations, why not learn a few facts about spiders and the life cycle of a spider with these free printables. 

Some children have a fear of spiders and some children are fascinated by them. Either way, learning about spiders and why they are helpful is beneficial for all children. 

Life Cycle of a Spider Lapbook

You can use the parts of this FREE printable to create a lapbook like this or use the different pieces on their own or in a different way. 

Your lapbook doesn’t need to look exactly like this and you can also add other information about spiders that your child discovers or is interested in. 


I love the way the parts of the Life Cycle of a Spider lapbook are interactive with flaps, pockets, and folds. 

Ways to Extend Your Child’s Learning: 

  • Add other vocabulary words that you want your child to learn or that they are curious about. 
  • Research why spiders are helpful. 
  • Research the types of spiders in your area. Identify any that could be dangerous. 
  • What are the different characteristics that ALL spiders share? 
  • Have your child use their lapbook to share or present new information that they’ve learned with others.


Life Cycle of a Spider FREE Printables

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