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Animal Alphabet Tracing Cards

Animal Alphabet Tracing Cards

Your animal lover will love these free animal alphabet tracing cards! They can be used as a decoration, a book, or for tracing practice. 

Make a Book

Print the animal tracing cards and put them in a binder to make a book. Your child will love to flip through and identify the animals and trace the letters with their finger. You can trace the words for your child so the word is a solid line to read or they can trace them. 

DIY Decorations

Cut the letter and animal portion from the rest of the page and frame them in your child’s room to spell their name. 

Make a Name Puzzle

Print 2 copies of the letters of your child’s name (reduce the size as you print to make them smaller). Mix up the letters and challenge your child to put them in order to spell their name. You can also spell your child’s name with one set of the letters and challenge them to match the other set to spell it underneath. 

Tracing Practice

If your child is going to use these for tracing practice, I’d recommend that you laminate it, cover it with contact paper, or put it in a sheet protector and use a dry erase marker for tracing. That way you can use it over and over again. 

We hope you will love these cards as much as we do!

Printable Build a Letter Puzzle

If your child has shown interest in letters, you will also love these free, printable Build a Letter mats

Download your FREE copy of the Animal Alphabet Tracing Cards.




Wednesday 4th of November 2020

My kid love these amazing printables. THANKS for sharing them!