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Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

I  love  that  this  Christmas  ornament  craft  for  kids  can  be  done  with  kids  of  all  ages.  They  will  all  look  different  and  be a special keepsake for years to come.

Ornament Craft for Kids Supplies


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Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids


Flatten out your cupcake liner and fold it in half. 


Fold it in half again to make a triangle. 

Fold 4 standard cupcake liners and 2 mini cupcake liners in this way.

One of the mini cupcake liners needs to be folded again (into thirds) to make the trunk of the tree. 

Along the open side of each folded triangle, apply a line of glue and press down for a few seconds as it dries.

Allow them to dry completely.

Glue all of your triangles closed. 

Apply several drops of glue down the craft stick. Starting at the bottom, glue the trunk of the tree first. 

Next, layer and glue 4 standard cupcake liners.

At the very top, glue on the last mini cupcake liner. 

Cut a piece of baker’s twine or string about 7” long and tie it into a loop.

Apply a dot of glue to the back of the craft stick on the top.

Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Allow it to dry completely before hanging it on your tree.

I love that your child really can’t go wrong with this Christmas ornament craft! If they aren’t folded perfectly or they use more or less cupcake liners, it still turns out awesome! Don’t forget to write their name and age on the back of the craft stick. It will turn into a special keepsake on your tree that you cherish year after year. 


Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids