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Gingerbread Man Counting Cards

Gingerbread Man Counting Cards

There are so many ways to use these gingerbread man counting cards! From number identification and counting to sequencing and addition, this free printable is awesome for all young children. 


Gingerbread Man Counting Cards

Count using anything you have on hand:

  • candies
  • blocks
  • cereal
  • stickers
  • erasers



  • Put the corresponding number of counters (erasers, candies, pom poms) on TOP of each of the gingerbread man counting cards.
  • You can also have your child put the counters in a line BELOW each gingerbread man. 
  • Clip the corresponding number of clothes pins to each gingerbread man. 
  • If you child isn’t ready to identify numerals yet, put a group of counters out and have your child count them. Then, hand them the corresponding number card to match with that set of counters. 
  • Put the gingerbread men in order from 1 to 10 or from 10 to 1.



  • Use the gingerbread men to count and solve different addition equations. Two different colored counters come in handy for this.
  • Write the equation below each gingerbread man to count and solve on top of the man. 
  • Write one equation on each piece of paper (really large), challenge your child to use counters to solve it, and then find the gingerbread man that matches the answer to the equation.  


Use these gingerbread man counting cards as you read different Gingerbread Man versions!



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